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Coderblock is a Polygon blockchain-based virtual world where you can live amazing in-game experiences with your avatar and increase your business opportunities.

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to live amazing adventures with your avatar

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Explore Coderblock Metaverse, meet new people, challenge yourself with quest experiences, gain your EXP and climb up the leaderboard!

Increase your business opportunities

Find a new way to tell the story of your brand: attract new customers, increase lead generation and take your business to the next level.


Discover a new world


Lands are virtual terrains inside Coderblock. Each land is a ERC-721 token and can be purchased, sold and customized.


As a blockchain-based virtual world, Coderblock Metaverse allows you to create, use and trade your NFTS.


We'll soon have an ERC-20 utility token built on the Polygon blockchain with proof-of-stake model and eco-friendly (0 gas fee).


Meet new Coders, make some friends or increase lead generation: find your way to enjoy the community.


Experiences are engaging quests and adventures inside Coderblock that lets you have fun and get special rewards.


Inside our marketplace you can buy lands, collectibles, wearables, accessorizes and all the NFTs that you can use and trade in Coderblock.



ERC-721 Virtual Lands are waiting for you in Coderblock: choose yours, built in and create your custom experience. 7 planets and different seasons to get your own plot. Use the builder to create your scene or sell your land to let it fetch a higher value or even lease it out for conducting virtual events.



Customize your experiences inside your lands through our Builder: an online visual editor tool that can be used to create scenes. With an easy drag and drop system you can add their 3D elements or choose from the pre-loaded assets and combine them to create your own customized template.

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Different skills and aspirations, but one shared vision.

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  • Meet other Coders
  • Make new friends
  • Get sneak peeks
  • Complete challenges
  • Join giveaways
  • Win rewards

Coderblock - Special Edition

These Digital Artwork collectibles are dropped in a limited-edition collection and each of them gives you exclusive adventures and rewards inside Coderblock Metaverse.


Lands are virtual terrains inside Coderblock Metaverse. Each land is represented by a ERC-721 token, NFT available for purchase and trade.

You can buy Coderblock Lands on OpenSea with your crypto wallet or on Young Platform, with credit card.

In Coderblock Metaverse you can live revolutionary experiences with your avatar: create your virtual identity, live amazing in-game adventures, climb the ranks, rent and customize your space for a world of opportunities.

You can buy Coderblock Special Edition NFTs like any other token. Create a wallet, connect it on OpenSea and choose your favourite NFT.

NFTs give their owners different rewards inside Coderblock Metaverse, according to their rarity: exclusive adventures, special rewards in the gameplay and physical prizes, too!

Yes, soon an ERC-20 utility token built on the Polygon blockchain with proof-of-stake model will be released. It can be traded or exchanged on Crypto exchangers in order to buy NFTs and can be used inside Coderblock Metaverse to create, own and monetize experiences.

Hexagon Plaza is Coderblock main Hub where users spawn right after the login into the Metaverse to start their adventure. From Hexagon Plaza users can move and discover different worlds through magic teleports.

You can create your own experiences inside your land: use the Builder to customize the look and the experiences inside it. With an online visual editor tool and an easy drag and drop system you can add 3D elements or choose from the pre-loaded assets and combine them to create your own customized experience.

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Create your virtual identity and live amazing adventures.


Make new friends and network with other users.


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Make the most of the metaverse for your business.

Coderblock Metaverse
Coderblock Metaverse